Reporting to the College

In addition to finding somebody on or off-campus to talk to about their experience, Providence College strongly encourages individuals who believe they have been subjected to sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking to report the incident so that the College can respond promptly, effectively, and equitably, in accordance with our Title IX Grievance Procedures.

We recognize individual’s right to protect their own privacy.  There is no time limit for filing a report with the College; however, the more time that passes between the incident and the report, the more difficult it may be to thoroughly investigate the report because witnesses may not be available, memories may have faded, respondents may no longer be affiliated with the College, and/or other key information is no longer obtainable.  When making a report, you need not know what particular course of action to pursue or how to label what happened.

How to Make a Report

Reports of sexual misconduct may be made by:

  • An individual who has experienced sexual harassment/misconduct
  • Anyone who receives a report from someone who experienced sexual harassment/misconduct
  • Anyone who witnesses or otherwise has information that sexual harassment/misconduct may have occurred

The individual or department who wishes to make the report can do so by contacting the Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinators or the Office of Public Safety. Reports can be taken over the phone, via email, in person, or by using the online reporting form below. Reports submitted to the Office of Public Safety will be followed up on by the Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator. If you submit anonymously via the online form, Providence College will not be able to respond directly to you but will assess the information submitted and consider response options.

Title IX Online Reporting Form(opens in a new tab)

Once a report is received, the Title IX Coordinator works to ensure that the individual feels safe and supported, and has access to all of the available resources and support structures the College offers.

As outlined by the College’s Mandatory Reporting Policy, faculty and staff who are made aware of sexual harassment/misconduct must immediately report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator. All reports of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct or relationship violence made to a “responsible employee” must be shared in a timely manner by the employee (staff, administrator, faculty) with the Title IX Coordinator who will directly coordinate the College’s response to the report, or assign a Deputy Coordinator(s) to manage that responsibility, for the parties.

No Policy Deterrent to Reporting

The College recognizes that individuals who have been drinking and/or using drugs at the time that an incident of violence occurs may be hesitant to report such incidents due to fear of potential consequences for their own conduct.  Providence College strongly encourages reports of violence to institution officials.  A bystander acting in good faith, or a reporting individual acting in good faith, who discloses any incident of violence to College officials or law enforcement normally will not be subject to a code of conduct charge for violations of alcohol and/or drug use policies, or student guest policies, occurring at or near the time of the incident.  For more details on the “No Policy Deterrent to Reporting”, please see the Sexual Misconduct: Harassment and Discrimination Policy.


Retaliatory acts, or attempts to retaliate, against anyone who has reported in good faith sexual misconduct or relationship violence, who has participated (or is expected to participate) in any manner in an investigation or proceeding pursuant to the Sexual Misconduct: Harassment and Discrimination Policy, or who otherwise supports the report, are prohibited.  Retaliation includes, but is not limited to, intimidation, verbal or physical threats, harassment, coercion, or other adverse action.  When evidence of retaliatory behavior exists, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

Reporting to the Police

Students and employees are encouraged to report sexual assault and relationship violence not only to a Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator, or the Office of Public Safety, but also to local law enforcement authorities.  The Office of Public Safety and/or the PC Sojourner House Advocate will assist anyone wishing to file a criminal complaint with local law enforcement.  Students and employees do not need to file a criminal complaint in order to initiate disciplinary proceedings with the College, and the College may find an accused person responsible for violating the Sexual Misconduct: Harassment and Discrimination Policy regardless of the status or outcome of criminal proceedings, if any. Learn more about reporting to the police here.