Find Someone To Talk To

Talking to someone can be an important first step for individuals who have experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking.  There are a variety of on and off-campus resources available to students and employees.

Students can get help and talk about their experience in a confidential manner with both on-campus and off-campus resources, but students should be aware that confidentiality protections associated with on-campus resources vary and depend upon an employee’s job description.

Please click here for information about resources available to employees

On-Campus Confidential Resources for Students

Will not reveal information to any third party except when an applicable law or a court order requires or permits disclosure of such information.  

Personal Counseling Center

Lower Bedford Hall
Office: 401.865.2343 (Available 24/7)
Providence College Personal Counseling Center

Office of the Chaplain

St. Dominic Chapel
Office: 401.865.2216
Providence College Office of Mission and Ministry

Student Health Center*

Lower Davis Hall
Office: 401.865.2422
Security/EMTs: 401.865.2391 (Available 24/7)
Providence College Student Health Center

*Employees in the Student Health Center will provide the Title IX Coordinator with a limited report (that keeps the name of the reporting person anonymous) of the incident details (nature, date, time, and general location, if known).  All personally identifiable information will remain confidential.

Title IX Campus Advocates

Title IX Campus Advocates provide confidential advocacy and support services to help individuals learn about their options and rights and assist with accommodation planning and advisor assignments.

Professor Kendra Marasco (Complainant Support)
Office: Howley Hall 105
Office Phone: 401.865.2524

Mr. Jonathan Gomes  (Respondent Support)
Office: Phillips Memorial Library, Student Success Center, Library 229
Office Phone: 401.865.2470

Off-Campus Confidential Resources for Students

Students who wish to speak with a confidential resource not affiliated with the College may disclose and/or receive confidential, trauma-informed counseling support from the Sojourner House Providence College Advocate. Additionally, both the Sojourner House and Day One have confidential helplines that provide 24/7 support and help to victims of sexual violence.

Sojourner House Advocate for Providence College

Beatrice Ake

The Sojourner House – Serving victims and survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence, and human trafficking

24/7 Helpline: 401.765.3232
Office: 401.861.6191
The Sojourner House RI

Day One – Sexual Assault & Trauma Resource Center

24 Hour Helpline: 1.800.494.8100
Office: 401.421.4100
Day One Rhode Island

Other On-Campus Resources for Students

These resources, as well as all other College employees, are mandated reporters of sexual misconduct or relationship violence and are obligated to report any incidents they learn of to the Title IX Coordinator.  While these resources are not classified as confidential under Title IX, all resources do their best to keep information as private and discrete as possible.

Title IX Coordinators

-see here

Office of Public Safety

Huxley Avenue Gate
Emergency: 401.865.2222
General: 401.865.2391

Office of the Dean of Students

Slavin 201

Office of Residence Life

Slavin 105
24/7 On Call: 401.639.9110
General: 401.865.2392

Public Safety Silent Witness Form

The Silent Witness Form allows anyone on campus to anonymously report an incident to the Office of Public Safety. This form should NOT be used to report crimes or emergencies that require immediate attention. For immediate help, call 865-2222 or 911.

Police & Medical Resources

Providence Police Department

Emergency: 911
General: 401.272.3121
Special Victims Unit: 401.243.6331
Special Victims Unit Law Enforcement Advocate: 401.243.6338
Learn more about reporting to police and the role of the Law Enforcement Advocate

Women and Infants Hospital

101 Dudley St, Providence RI  02905
General: 401.274.1100
Emergency Room: 401.274.1750

Rhode Island Hospital

593 Eddy St, Providence RI  02903
General: 401.444.4000
Emergency Room: 401.444.5411

Making an Official Report

In addition to seeking support from the above resources, Providence College strongly encourages individuals who believe they have been subjected to sexual misconduct or relationship violence to officially report the incident so that the College can respond promptly, effectively, and equitably, in accordance with our Title IX Grievance Procedures.

We recognize that the decision to make an official report can be a difficult one and that many dynamics impact an individual’s decision to file or not file a report. When making a report, you need not know what particular course of action to pursue or how to label what happened. Please click below to learn more about how we support individuals who choose to file a report with the College and/or the Providence Police.

Additional Resources