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Reporting to Police

Students and employees are encouraged to report sexual assault and relationship violence not only to the Office of Public Safety and/or a Title IX Coordinator, but also to law enforcement authorities.  The Office of Public Safety and/or the PC/Day One Advocate will assist students wishing to file a criminal complaint.

The decision to file a criminal complaint is a deeply personal choice.  Students and employees often make this decision based on the circumstances surrounding the incident and the circumstances in their life at the time of the incident.  Some students and employees discover that participating in a proceeding to hold the accused accountable helps them to regain some measure of control lost by virtue of the assault, and to protect themselves and others from future harm.

There are trained professionals on-campus and off-campus, who can explain the criminal proceedings and support students and employees  through the process.  As part of the Title IX Intake Meeting, students and employees will be given the opportunity to speak with a Law Enforcement Advocate. The Office of Public Safety and/or the PC/Day One Advocate will assist anyone wishing to file a criminal complaint. Students and employees do not need to file a criminal complaint in order to initiate disciplinary proceedings with the College, and the College may find an accused person responsible for violating the Sexual Misconduct or Relationship Violence Policy regardless of the status or outcome of criminal proceedings, if any.

About Law Enforcement Advocates

The Providence Police Department’s Special Victims Unit is charged with thoroughly investigating complaints of Sexual Assault.  In addition to seven (7) detectives, the Special Victims Unit includes two (2) full time Law Enforcement Advocates (LEAs).

The LEA Program is a collaborative effort between Day One – The Sexual Assault & Trauma Resource Center, local Domestic Violence agencies, and the Police Department.  LEAs provide immediate services to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence who have filed a police report and/or are interested in filing a report. The advocate provides support when a victim needs to seek medical attention, educates the victim about community based resources, and offers emotional support.

Students and employees may reach out to the LEAs at any time, but all students and employees filing a report with the Title IX Coordinator will be given the opportunity to speak with a Law Enforcement Advocate during the Title IX Intake Meeting.

Providence Police Department:

  • Emergency: 911
  • General: (401) 272-3121

Special Victims Unit:

  • General: (401) 243-6331
  • Law Enforcement Advocate: (401) 243-6338