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If You Have Been Accused of Perpetrating Sexual Violence

Learning that you are involved in a sexual violence case can stressful, scary, and emotional. Providence College provides a range of resources, services, and support for students/employees who have been accused of perpetrating sexual violence.


If you feel you are in immediate danger of harm by another person or yourself, call the Office of Public Safety at 401-865-2222. It is important that physical and emotional needs are met first. 

Support and Assistance 

The investigation process can be overwhelming and complicated.  There are many people at the College who are available to address mental, physical, emotional, and academic needs including:  

  • Provide emotional support and processing after an incident. 
  • Explain and provide academic accommodations including course load reductions or withdrawals.  
  • Send discreet absence notifications. 
  • Make requests for flexibility and/or alternative participation to faculty and supervisors. 
  • Safety planning. 
  • Short-term emergency housing accommodations or housing changes. 
  • Address questions and concerns about institutional policy and procedure. 

Your Title IX Deputy Coordinator is ready to provide this assistance or connect you with the resources who can. Please reach out to your Title IX Deputy Coordinator to be connected to any of these resources.

Confidentiality and Privacy 

Confidential resources are confidential by law or by professional standards. These services will not share any identifiable information with Title IX, public safety, the police, parents, or anyone else without permission first, except in cases where there is concern of imminent harm to yourself, someone else, or the campus community. Confidential resources for Respondents at Providence College include:

Personal Counseling Center
Lower Bedford Hall
Office: 401.865.2343
Answering Service: 401.865.1333 (Available 24/7)
Providence College Personal Counseling Center

Office of the Chaplain
St. Dominic Chapel
Office: 401.865.2216
Answering Service: 401.865.1333 (Available 24/7)
Providence College Office of Mission and Ministry

Student Health Center
Lower Bedford Hall
Office: 401.865.2422
Security/EMTs: 401.865.2222 (Available 24/7)
Providence College Student Health Center

Additional Resources

Even if a resource is not confidential, all student information will be handled in accordance with the regulations established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and maintained on a need-to-know basis. 

Dean of Students Office Slavin 104
Phone: 401.865.1782

Office of Human Resources Harkins 302
Phone: 401.865.2987